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18 scholarships to study Master's and PhD from 5 Chinese Universities of Banha University

18 scholarships to study Master

Date:- 03-07-2018

Prof. Yousef Elkady, President of Benha University, announced that five Chinese universities awarded 18 scholarships to Benha University for their master's and doctoral students this year, including 6 from Central China University, 4 from Harbin University of Technology and 6 from Legon University while Wuhan University awarded two. Prof. Elkady stressed that the grants were distributed to the faculties of Benha University in accordance with the quality of the grants and the needs of the faculties. He pointed out that the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine received 5 grants. Shoubra Faculty of Engineering received 5 grants and Benha Engineering on 4 grants while the Faculty of Commerce received two grants, faculty of science and specific education got one grant. Prof. Elkady said that the scholarship to obtain the master's and doctorate degrees in the scientific specializations of each of the faculties of the university to which the grants have been distributed and the duration of the grant is 3-5 years, stressing that the Chinese universities bear the full cost of the grant up to 2 million pounds, Students selected by the University of China receive a monthly bonus of up to 10,000 Egyptian pounds throughout the course of the study. These scholarships are the result of the opening of Benha University to the world's prestigious and advanced universities, which the university administration has sought to open up over the past two years and upon Prof. Elkady's visit to China which has resulted in the signing of a number of important scientific and research agreements between a number of Chinese universities And Benha University

18 scholarships to study Master's and PhD from 5 Chinese Universities of Banha University



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