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A workshop about Newton Mohsarafa fund at Benha University

A workshop about Newton Mohsarafa fund at Benha University

Date:- 23-05-2017

A workshop was held yesterday 23/5/2017 at Benha University in cooperation with the British Council in Cairo to discuss & explain how to benefit from the grants of the Newton Mohsarafa Project, which is being held in partnership between the Ministry of Higher Education and the British Council Prof. Hesham Abu Elainin, Vice President of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, said that the amount of funding available from the Newton project is 50 million pounds. Abu Elainin said that Benha University is prioritizing its strategic plan to improve scientific research and increase the volume of international relations, as well as work on scientific communication with many foreign universities, which is renowned for the progress of scientific research. The vice president of Benha University called for the participation of faculty members and assistant teachers in the missions of obtaining a doctorate and obtaining funding for research projects that serve the fields of health, food, water and energy. In addition, Naseem Hosni, Manager of Newton's project in Egypt, presented an introductory presentation on how to write the research proposal to apply for funding for these projects. She assured on the importance of cooperation between Egypt and Britain in the various scientific research fields, in the implementation of the strategy of Egypt 2020 - 2030 for Higher Education and scientific research She said that the project welcomes the participation of members of the faculty of Egyptian universities in the fields that allow them to obtain grants funded entirely from the project to obtain a doctorate She added that scientific research remains a paper search, which we seek to connect to the investor to be applied in order to feel the Egyptian people the result of scientific research, which deals with economic development

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A workshop about Newton Mohsarafa fund at Benha University



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