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Opening the application for a new season of "Laboratory of Fame" 2018 | 2019

Opening the application for a new season of "Laboratory of Fame" 2018 | 2019

Date:- 10-10-2018

FameLab is a regional talent competition to find the new faces of science in Egypt. The competition was originally created by the UK’s Cheltenham Science Festival, based on the highly successful UK FameLab model. The idea of the competition is to take science out of the classroom and make it fun, and to encourage young people with a passion for science and technology to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with the general public in an interesting and entertaining way. Famelab is introduced to Egypt by The British Council and the Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Programme. Watch videos of last year’s UK Grand Final Who can apply ? If you are an Egyptian, from 18 to 35 years old, studying or working in science, technology, engineering or mathematics and can make a three-minute presentation on a scientific topic in front of a live audience and a panel of judges, you could be one of the winners of our FameLab Competition for science communicators! How can I apply? Complete and return the attached application form, then turn up at one of the qualifying rounds in Cairo, Alexandria or Assuit and present any scientific topic to our panel of expert judges. Impress them with your knowledge of science, clarity and charisma and you could be selected to compete in the final! What happens at the qualifying round? You will be given a maximum of 3 minutes in which to impress the judges. The panel will be looking for exciting and engaging talks that can be understood by a general public adult audience. Props are allowed but you must be able to carry them on and off stage with you (there is no set-up time or assistance and no table to put them on) Power Point presentations are not permitted. It is recommended that you prepare two presentations (3 minutes each) as you may be asked to go for another round on the same day. What exactly am I expected to do? Inspire and excite public imagination by giving an entertaining and original talk in either English or Arabic that is scientifically accurate in front of a live non-scientific audience. The judges are looking for three qualities: content, clarity and charisma. So make sure your subject matter is well chosen and clearly put across, that your facts are right, and that you let your passion for your subject shine through! What happens at the final? The 10 finalists will be asked to give a new presentation on a contemporary science topic that is different from that presented at the qualifying round. The judges will ask the finalists questions on the topic and give them feedback. Who are the judges? Leading figures from the world of science and media. What are the prizes? The 10 participants chosen to go through to the final will be invited to a free MasterClass weekend in science communication led by experts from the UK and Egypt. The FameLab Egypt winner chosen at the final will travel to the UK for the Cheltenham Science Festival during June 2015, where he/she will compete in FameLab International together with the other winners from 27 countries including the UK You can find out more by submitting the following link: Deadline for submission: 8 November 2018 Subscribe now!.

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Opening the application for a new season of "Laboratory of Fame" 2018 | 2019



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